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About Plas-Pak Industries, Inc.


Since its inception in 1985, Plas-Pak Industries, Inc. has been a leader in the manufacturing and supply of injection molded plastic packaging. The founders and current employees have a shared vision: to stay close to and expand on our core technology of producing high quality plastic packaging and delivery systems for liquids, pastes, and gels, and to provide them to our customers at a fair price. We conduct our business with integrity, enthusiasm, and a strong desire for customer satisfaction. On February 1st, 2017, Plas-Pak was acquired by the Nordson Corporation.

Our Facility and Operations

Plas-Pak has enjoyed substantial growth since it’s inception: today it is made up of 140 highly motivated, well-trained employees who operate its Norwich, Connecticut facility. The plant operates 24 hours per day, five days per week in a clean, modern 150,000 square foot building. Our state of the art molding line is complimented by both in-process and offline automated assembly machines that allow us to build parts efficiently and to customer specifications.

We supply our products to customers in over 35 countries. We have built lasting relationships with both small start up companies and large, multi-national manufacturers. These companies rely on Plas-Pak for our product consistency, quality, and competitive pricing. We are continually investing in technology, employee training, and plant infrastructure as a means to maintaining our global competitiveness.


“Quality is the cornerstone of our reputation and is central to the ability of our business to achieve its vision. Each employee is committed to satisfying customer requirements and continuously improving everything we do to create value in our products and services.”

Plas-Pak incorporates full testing and data capture for all of our manufacturing and assembly procedures, including first article and in process testing, fit and function testing, and raw materials analysis. In September 2007, we received our ISO 9001:2000 certification, and are currently certified 9001:2008.

Part Design and Prototyping

Plas-Pas provides a full range of design and engineering services. We staff full-time designers and engineers who work with the latest design software (Solid Works, AutoCAD, and mold flow analysis) to help realize projects for our customers. Projects range from application specific modifications on our existing tooling, to stand alone new part development. In-house fabrication and prototype development ensure that we are in control of the project from start to finish, and available to work closely with our customers as the project develops.


Plas-Pak Industries makes a wide range of products that satisfy many applications, including:

  • Syringes:

    Versatile for paste and gel products. Our single dose syringes and Dial-A-Dose® syringes are designed as primary packages that are filled prior to distribution. We currently supply our syringes into the veterinary pharmaceutical, pesticide, testing and sampling, specialty foods, lubricants, and adhesive markets.

  • Dual Syringes:

    We are one of the largest suppliers of dual syringes in the world. Our syringes are used for two part adhesives in the DIY retail, automotive repair, human health, and veterinary markets. Our smaller dual syringes are used for two-part dental whiteners, dental resin cements, topical applications, and hair care products.

  • Ratio-Pak® Dual Cartridges:

    Plas-Pak is one of North America’s largest suppliers of dual cartridge and static mixers, used primarily in the construction, automotive adhesive, coatings, and industrial design markets. Our snap together dual cartridge system can accommodate a wide range of dispensing ratios, and we offer a full range of dispensing guns (both manual and air powered) and static mixers will meet most dispensing needs.

  • HSS(High Solids Spray) Dispensing System:

    Our new, patented HSS® dispensing system is a low-cost, disposable, meter-mix-dispense and spray system used for faster curing formulations, including coatings, liners, foams, and sealants. The HSS system uses the Ratio-Pak® dual-component cartridge system and a specialized air regulator and spray nozzle/atomizer to achieve a wide range of surface thicknesses and textures.

  • Single Cartridges:

    We make a variety of special cartridges used for veterinary nutritional supplements, DIY adhesives, and pesticides. Cartridges range in size from 15cc to 300cc, with a variety of nozzle options to accommodate most applications. Gun applicators provide increased mechanical advantage, useful for high viscosity and point-placement of materials.

  • Human Health Applications:

    We manufacture enema nozzles and a variety of syringes suitable for dental applications, skin care, hair care, and other health and beauty applications.

Plas-Pak Industries Capability List

Project Engineering

  • Product development from conception to production tooling development
  • In-house mold design, part analysis, & and mold flow
  • Full service machine shop
  • 3-D modeling and prototyping available
  • In-house tool room for mold fabrication


  • 28 molding machines with clamp forces up to 650 ton
  • Two-stage molding
  • Robotic in-mold assembly and labeling
  • Custom colors and materials available
  • Small sample through million-piece plus production runs
  • In mold labeling

Finishing Department

  • Automated machines for part assembly
  • Hot stamping
  • Pressure sensitive labeling and shrink wrapping
  • Barrel capping
  • Flexible workforce for custom and by-hand assembly
  • Barrel decoration/pad or silk screening
  • Label design and fabrication

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