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Cartridge Dispensing Systems

Plas-Pak's Cartridge Dispensing System is perfect for the placement of gels, pastes, and insecticide baits. Utilizing our range of syringe barrels and nozzle tips, the Cartridge Dispensing System provides superior dispensing by reducing the application force and allowing for pinpoint placement of materials. Used extensively throughout the pesticide markets, the Cartridge Dispensing System is the preferred dispensing system for pest control professionals.


  • Low-cost, convenient, controlled dispensing systems in capacities of 32, 36, 60, and 100cc’s
  • Variety of molded-in-place dispensing nozzles for reliable placement of paste and gel compounds
  • Easy-fill, zero draft disposable plastic cartridge barrels are available in clear polypropylene and high or low-density polyethylene.
  • Disposable cartridges have secure locking cap closures and all-plastic wiper seals for leak free integrity
  • Low cost, ratchet style guns for improved mechanical advantage and easier dispensing of viscous compounds
  • Decoration services available
  • Luer lock nozzle accepts blunt industrial needles and low cost plastic cannula
  • Assembly options include piston or cap placement to facilitate filling. Filling and plunger insertion equipment available

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Markets and Applications for Adhesive Cartridges


  • General purpose dispenser cartridges for adhesives
    dispensing, caulks, and mixed frozens
  • Grease, lubricants, and thermal conductive dispensers
  • Inks, colorants, and paste dispensers
  • Silicon fluids; gasket and potting compounds
  • Solder paste and flux
  • Automotive adhesive cartridges for sealants and mastics
  • Maintenance and repair dispenser compounds


  • Paste and gel cartridges type bait placement
  • Crack and crevice treatments
  • Bait station refilling


  • Adhesives cartridges, sealants, cements, paste, and gel compounds
  • One-part composites and impression materials
  • Ear mold and impression materials


  • Single and multiple dose pharmaceuticals and probiotics
  • Cartridges for herd dosing


  • Dispensing and filtering of viscous samples
Ratio-Pak<sup>®</sup> Manual Dual Cartridge System & Static Mixers

50B19 Manual Dual Cartridge System


  • 50cc capacity, 1:1 ratio dual cartridge with gun or manual push rod dispensing options
  • Available in clear polypropylene or HDPE barrels for product compatibility
  • Molded in place, break-off cap for ensured leak free filling
  • Nozzle and cap are “keyway” slotted to provide oriented, airtight fit, and prevent cross-contamination of reactive compounds
  • Uses D-25 x 25 manual static mixer dispensing gun
  • Available with 1/4" x 12 static mixer

Manual Dispensing Guns


Gun Type Description Color Fits
D32 Slot loaded Black/Cream 32cc cartridge
D-32/60 Slot loaded Black/Cream 32, 36 and 60cc cartridges
D-60 Slot loaded Black/Cream 60 cc cartridges
D-100 Bezel loaded Black/Cream 100cc cartridges
#408 Bezel loaded Metal 300cc Veterinary cartridge
D-25/25 Slot loaded Black/Cream 50B19 Dual Cartridge


Dispensing Cannula and Blunt Needles

L-Can40 (1mm ID) and L-Can60 (1.5mm ID) Plastic Cannula:
Low cost plastic, tapered nozzle for precision placement and crack or crevice injection. Used on B11 and B13 nozzle styles.

Blunt Needles:
Plastic hub with blunt metal needle. Available in a range of gauges and lengths, fits the B11 (luer lock) and B13 (luer slip) nozzles. Bent needle options are available.


Optional Equipment

  • Variety of manual, semi, and fully automatic filling and plunger insertion equipment available
  • Semi-Automatic filler and piston inserter



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