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Dual Syringe, Dental Syringe, and Human Health Products

Dual Syringe Data Sheet

Our disposable dual syringes and static mixers are ideal delivery systems for the controlled mixing and placement of two component gels and pastes. Plas-Pak has developed a range of mixers to satisfy most product requirements, and our syringe components can be molded in clear polypro or colored resins to compliment your application. Alternate mix ratios and mixer types are continually being developed, and we look forward to working with customers on their specific application.

Mini-Dual Syringe

Two-component, 1:1 ratio dual syringe with a micro-sized static mixer for minimal waste and controlled dispensing.


  • Mini-Dual SyringeAll plastic, 2cc x 2cc and 7cc x 7cc (1:1 ratio) capacities available
  • Anti-crossover separator reduces A/B contamination (available on 6B23, 14B23, 30B43, 30B44)
  • Auto air venting for easy filling
  • Re-sealable, no-leak, position oriented cap
  • Separate seal/plunger rod configurations available
  • Micro static mixers in 2mm, 3mm, and 4.6mm diameters with variable length element configurations and needle or blunt orifice
  • Clear or custom color polypropylene or nylon barrels.

Mini Dual Syringe - Product Options

  • 4B194B19 - 2ml x 2ml, 1:1 Ratio

    Clinical type plastic syringe for in-office, professional applications. Cap orientation feature prevents cross-over contamination. Micro static mixers minimize waste and improve mixing efficiency and placement.

  • 4B194B25 - 2ml x 2ml, 1:1 Ratio

    Cosmetic design for greater point of purchase impact and shelf appeal with open-ended tip. Has a one piece plunger rod with integrally molded seals. Also available with micro mixers for easier dispensing and reduced cost.

  • 6B236B23 - 3ml x 3ml, 1:1 Ratio

    6cc (3cc x 3cc) dual syringe with break-off tip. Available with separate material ports to eliminate cross contamination. Plunger rod includes an integral nozzle cap and mixing wand for ease of use. Includes vented barrel for easy filling. Available in polypropylene or nylon. Colored components and decoration services available.

  • 14B2314B23 - 7ml x 7ml, 1:1 Ratio

    With break-off tip for simplified filling and lowest cost. Available with one piece plunger rod. Accepts all micro static mixers.

  • 14B3514B35 - 7ml x 7ml, 1:1 Ratio

    Open-ended version with a separate tip cap for front end filling.


Static mixers in 2, 3, or 4.6mm diameter with 6, 8, 12, or 16 elements. Blunt or needle nose options. Designed for minimal waste, reduced dispensing force, and reliable mixing.

  • 2mm x 8 Element Needle Tip2mm x 8 Element

    Needle Tip

  • 2mm x 8 Element Blunt Tip2mm x 8 Element

    Blunt Tip

  • 3mm x 6 Element Blunt Tip3mm x 6 Element

    Blunt Tip

  • 3mm x 8 Element Needle Tip3mm x 8 Element

    Needle Tip

  • 3mm x 8 Element Blunt Tip3mm x 8 Element

    Blunt Tip

  • 3mm x 16 Element Blunt Tip3mm x 16 Element

    Blunt Tip (pictured) or Needle Tip

  • 4.6mm x 16 Element Blunt Tip4.6mm x 16 Element

    Blunt Tip

Detachable Seal Options

Both the 4ml and 14ml dual plastic syringes are available with a detachable seal/push-rod combination. This configurations allows for both a reduced overall package length, ability to re-use the push rod, and prevents suck-back of material into the syringe if the plungers is accidentally moved backwards.


  • DIY adhesives and sealants compounds
  • Two-part dental impression materials, resin cements and sealants
  • Two-part dental whiteners and bleaching compounds
  • Medical, human health, and veterinary formulations
  • Industrial, electrical, and electronics adhesives and sealants
  • Two-part lotions and hair care products
  • Silver filled or thermal conductives
  • MRO compounds – two part touch-up paints and security sealant
  • Ear Molds
  • Silicon encapsulants and specimen preparation


Manual Dual Syringe - Product Options


  • Thin wall design for lower dispensing pressure.
  • Molded in clear polypropylene barrels for product visibility. Natural or opaque barrels for moisture or UV sensitive materials. Nylon barrels for acrylic compounds
  • Dual, E-Z SNIP® nozzles are pre-scored for fast, precise removal and reliable re-sealing. Snap-off nozzle design is designed for easy opening.
  • UNI-MOLDED® all-plastic plunger design eliminates the need to purchase and assemble gaskets
  • Self venting barrels with “lead-in” aid in insertion and de-airing
  • Plungers are available in black, yellow, blue, red and white. Custom colors optional
  • Decoration services available
  • Caps are “keyway” slotted to provide airtight fit and eliminate cross-contamination of reactive compounds
  • 30B2330B23 - 15ml x 15ml, 1:1 Ratio

    30cc (1oz.) capacity dual syringe in 1:1 ratio (15ml x 15ml). Break off tip eliminates need for cutting. Plunger rod includes integrally molded nozzle cap for resealing nozzle.

  • 30B3330B33 - 15ml x 15ml, 1:1 Ratio

    30cc (1oz.) capacity dual syringe in 1:1 ratio (15ml x 15ml). Cut off tip features two orifice openings (large or small). Plunger rod includes integrally molded nozzle cap for resealing nozzle.

  • 30B4330B43 - 15ml x 15ml, 1:1 Ratio w/ Mixer

    30cc (1oz.) capacity dual syringe in 1:1 ratio (15ml x 15ml). Break off tip accepts static mixers. Plunger rod options include integrally molded cap or separate cap.

  • 30B4430B44 - 20ml x 10ml, 2:1 Ratio w/ Mixer

    30cc (1oz.) capacity dual syringe in 2:1 ratio (20ml x 10ml). Break off tip accepts static mixers. Plunger rod options include integrally molded cap or separate cap.

Mixer Options - 30B43/30B44 Dual Syringe

  • 30b43 Mixer

    1/4" I.D. x 12 Element

    4.6mm X 16 Element, blunt tip


  • DIY Epoxy, urethane, & acrylic adhesives
  • Precise ratio adhesive dispensing
  • Bonding, assembling, and sealing
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Two-part veterinary formulations
  • Chemical anchoring and bolt setting
  • Sample packaging and quality testing
  • Hoof and horseshoe repair


Other Human Health Products

Enema Nozzle

Enema Nozzle:

All plastic, threaded housing enema nozzles with full length cap for enema syringes. 2 - 1/4" Long.

Nozzle Neck Finish: 20/400, 8 T.P.I, 1.5 Turns

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