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Manhole Restoration Systems

Ratio-Pak Dual Cartridges / Manual and Air Guns / HSS Spray Systems

Manhole Restoration SystemsPlas-Pak Industries is a major supplier of innovative dual component cartridges, static mixers, and HSS spray nozzles. We offer a complete line of dispensing systems that can accommodate a wide range of applications, including coatings, paint, grouts, and adhesives, all with superior two- component handling and end user convenience.

For DIY (Municipal, State and County workers) manhole restorations and similar applications, the Plas-Pak system is clearly a very good choice. It provides a more cost effective alternative to high pressure, meter-mix dispensing systems. It adds value, reduces start-up costs, and improves productivity.


  • Economical, easy to maintain equipment; minimal clean up
  • Innovative cartridge based technology and spray systems
  • Improved end user convenience, reliability and productivity
  • History of documented success for industrial/commercial applications
  • Versatile: can be used with all commonly specified polymer grouts, water stops, epoxy primers, moisture barriers, and manhole liners; polyurethane chimney sealants and manhole liners: polyurea manhole liners or lightweight high build foam liners.


Grout & Water StopsGrouts and Water Stops

Economical, compact and easy to use, low pressure, Ratio-Pak ® dual cartridge and manual gun based systems dispense plural component urethane foam grouts for leak and crack repair in brick, clay, mortar or concrete structures.

Prime CoatingPrime Coating

Spray apply plural component epoxy penetrating primers directly to substrate using patented HSS (High Solids Spray) Ratio Pak ® cartridges and low cost, hand held air gun to eliminate water infiltration and assure bonding and long term durability of thick polymeric, corrosion and abrasion resistant re-liner materials and top coats.

Chimney LinersChimney Liners

Seal and reline manhole chimney areas with 2 part polyurethane/polyurea sealants quickly and easily with economical Ratio-Pak ® dual cartridge based meter mix dispense and spray systems.

Manhole LinersManhole Liners

Choose Ratio-Pak® dual cartridges to apply thick, abrasion and corrosion resistant epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea liners for long term durability and service life.

Plas-Pak’s patented low cost meter mix dispense and spray technology systems are application engineered for manhole and infrastructural related repair and maintenance projects. Simple, lightweight, compact and easy to use, with virtually no clean up or maintenance, our low pressure systems have high transfer rates, with vastly improved reliability, durability and ratio control.

Plas-Pak Products are available world wide through a network of Authorized Distributors and Contract Fillers. Detailed end-user instructions and training are available upon request. Plas-Pak products and technologies are ideal for State, County, Municipal and Industrial DIY projects, as well as for small to large Regional Contractor Programs. The Ratio-Pak® low pressure repair system will provide improved value added with increased sales for all coating, liner, grout and waterproofing, adhesive and sealant suppliers, while reducing cost and increasing productivity with faster turn around for all manhole and infrastructure repair and restoration programs.

Affordable Manhole Restoration Systems Technology (pdf)

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