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Ratio-Pak® Industrial Spray Dispensers & HSS spray System

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Plas-Pak’s HSS Spray system is an innovative adhesive dispensing systems utilizing our Ratio-Pak® dual cartridges for meter mix and spraying of two component, high solid adhesives, coatings, and liners. The HSS Spray system comes in both single and dual component systems, and includes an adjustable HSS air gun regulator, and a variety of atomizing static mixer assemblies.

The HSS Spray system can be used for a variety of industrial spraying and dispensing solutions, including high solid adhesives, two-part coatings, and many other applications for maintenance and repair touchups.


  • HSS FeturesUtilizes the Ratio-Pak® dual cartridge system. See Ratio-Pak Adhesive Dispensing for available capacities and ratios.
  • Uses a patented spray manifold/static mixer assembly. Static mixer options are available.
  • Dispensing is accomplished with an economical HSS modified air gun that provides controlled dispensing.
  • Added control of airflow volume and pressure allows for complete material mixing and atomization.
  • Low cost, easy to use, lightweight and portable.
  • HSS FeturesManifold deflector shields available to adjust spray pattern.
  • Flow restrictors available to control seepage of low viscosity materials.
  • Polyureas, polyaspartic, urea epoxy, urea urethane
  • Polyesters, vinyl esters, and epoxies


Spray Nozzle Options

HSS Spray Nozzle

HSS Spray Nozzle

HSS Right Angle Spray Nozzle

Right Angle Nozzle

HSS No-Drip Spray Nozzle

No-Drip Nozzle

Diameter (ID) # of Elements Type
1/4" 16 Standard Conical
1/4" 24 Standard Conical &
Large Orifice
1/4" 32 Standard Conical
1/4" 48 Standard Conical
3/8" 24 Standard Conical &
Large Orifice
3/8" 24(+1/4" x 6 element) Standard Conical &
Large Orifice
Foam And Angled Spray
1/4" 19 Foam
1/4" 19 Foam No-Drip Check Valve
1/4" 24 Right Angle Spray
1/4" 32 Right Angle
3/8" 24 Right Angle
3/8" 24 (+1/4" x 6 element) Right Angle & Large Orifice
1/2" 21 Foam w/ Check Valve

Ratio-Pak® HSS Air Gun

Ratio-Pak HSS Air GunThe HSS Air Gun is based on a reliable design with proven dependability and service. The HSS air gun is equipped with unique features for separate material flow and air atomizing spray control.

The HSS air gun has a quick connect/disconnect hose assembly for easy attachment of air lines to the HSS Spray manifold. The atomizer air line is also equipped with an air flow regulator and pressure gauge to properly control the air flow and spray pattern.

HSS air guns will be available for the following cartridge configurations:

Model Item Number Ratio Capacity
75HP 121545 1:1 80 x 80
PPI 150B         2.5" Air Cyl. 122224 1:1 150 x 150
2:1 150 x 75
1:1 75 x 75
PPI 300B       2.5" Air Cyl. 122225 1:1 300 x 300
122728 2:1 300 x 150
122729 3:1 300 x 100
122730 4:1 300 x 75
122731 1:1 150 x 150
122732 1.5:1 150 x 100
PPI 300A         4"Air Cyl. 122226 1:1 300 x 300
122733 2:1 300 x 150
122734 3:1 300 x 100
122735 4:1 300 x 75
122736 1:1 150 x 150
PPI 750A         4" Air Cyl. 122227 1:1 750 x 750
call 2.5:1 750 x 300
122737 10:1 750 x 75 
122738 1:1 600 x 600
122739 2:1 600 x 300
122740 1:1 300 x 300
PPI 750A-1      4" Air Cyl. 122228 4:1 600 x 150
122741 5:1 750 x 150


Ratio-Pak HSS Quad 3000Ratio-Pak® HSS Quad 3000

With up to 3000ml of capacity, the Ratio-Pak® HSS Quad 3000® is perfect for larger volume, plural component spray, foam, and meter mix dispense applications. Utilizing the popular Ratio-Pak® dual component cartridges to reliably proportion dual component materials, the Quad provides a significant increase in capacity and ratios. Compared to hand held air guns, the Quad provides increased field productivity, enhanced flexibility, dispense control, and cuts down on operator fatigue.

Ratio-Pak HSS Quad 3000User-friendly features include a large wheelbase, accurate air and material flow control, dump and bleed valves, and easy to use cartridge change out procedures. All connections for A and B components are labeled and color-coded to ensure proper set-up and replacement.

Market Applications

The Ratio-Pak HSS Spray System can be used for a variety of smaller coating projects; maintenance and repair, protective coatings and liners, touchups, testing, and in-field demonstrations and applications. In the future, additional capacity cartridges will allow the HSS system to be considered for even larger volume applications and projects, including:

  • Market ApplicationsTruck and bed liners; motor home and trailer roof and floor coatings. Van and SUV conversion interior coating and waterproofing
  • Abrasion resistant liners and coatings
  • Industrial equipment liners and coatings
  • Aircraft touchup on top-coatings
  • Built-up roofing coating repair and sealing of HVAC openings
  • Manhole and underground vault sealing and waterproofing
  • Railroad and truck trailer liners and coatings
  • Pool and deck coatings, liner repairs and pipe joint repair

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