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Plas-Pak Industries, Inc. Technical Center

Plas-Pak’s new Technical Center located in Pittsburgh, PA has been established to provide support in evaluating customer application requirements. The facility will focus on technical and equipment development, testing, and customer training, and will encompass applications in dual components cartridges and HSS Systems.

Equipped with state of the art low pressure dispensing & spray application equipment, spray room, and filling machines, the Technical Center can accept customer formulations, fill, and test these formulations in an efficient and thorough manner. We can provide a written summary of the testing parameters, test results, including finished samples and photographs.

Our capabilities include:

  • Evaluating a wide range of products & mix ratios to determine starting recommendations for static mixer, orifice restrictors & pressure settings
  • HSS Spray Application evaluations, including starting recommendations for air atomization, fluid pressure settings and spray pattern control
  • Spray applied coatings & extruded samples are available upon request
  • The ability to set up customer products and provide hands-on training at our site
  • Video preparation and instructional materials available on request

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